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Point of Sale Advertising is very popular among consumers. In 2016, 70% of French people reported that they appreciated it, and 60% felt closer to brands that communicated in stores.
Consumers are more receptive to hooks in the place of purchase than they are to external stimuli, which they see as intrusive.

(Study by Harris Interactive 2016).

The company

Within this dynamic market, EuroPLV makes POS advertising easier for you by offering an all-inclusive service : from the 3D design phase through to delivery.

Born in Limousin and shaped by the region, EuroPLV strives to promote products that are MADE IN FRANCE.
The company’s headquarters and production sites are in France and it favours French suppliers / partners.


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Our Opopup range

Automatic POS displays

Our OPOPUP range
Our automatic POS displays

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